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3/31/2019 06:48 AM - I'm feeling sick, it's a quiet Sunday morning. Lots of ideas roll through my brain, and instead of just letting them make me feel bad by wasting time worrying, anxiety, etc... I figure it's time to spend the cognitive surplus actually creating things instead of reading the stream of stuff other people put out, consuming like a fatted calf at the end of some production line.

Here are some of the ideas in my head, almost all from others, but remixed with my experiences of the world.

Reversable compilers - it should be possible to take a compiler, and at every step of the way, save the input information in chunks, so that all original text can be reconstructed by running a "reverse" function. This seems quite silly, until you realize how powerful it could be in refactoring code.

Bitgrid - My old idea, long left alone, to build a computational fabric based on a grid of cells which can, in theory, produce simple and damned fast computer chips.

Sunday morning creative time - why not pick a day of the week, or an hour of the day, where you focus on creating your own stuff, without consuming social media or other form of distraction? This text is the result of such a period of time. I've got a slowly dying Lenovo ideapad with a crappy keyboard... on tome of which I've placed a much better, but still sub-optimal logitech USB keyboard so I can actually touch type. Much better for letting the words flow.

I'm intrigued by Nikita Voloboev's "Everything I know", which is a wiki he's made public documenting all his tools, projects, etc. I need to do one, and figure out how to federate it, the end result of which would be an RSS for wikis. Perhaps this text could be the start of one?

A brief search shows it's not easy with Wikidpad, and that Gitbooks are a paid product. Shouldn't let that stop me, though. I am a progammer, and thus omnipotent in the space of software creation. Took a brief detour to write this Facebook post:

"I'm a programmer, and that makes me omnipotent, as far as computing goes. I am not, however, omniscient, nor perfect."

Being a machinist makes on omnipotent in the world of making metal objects, with some room for dealing with other non-porus things.

Lots of skills can be learned, we humans are makers and users of tools... skills are tools.

Ok... how to publish a wiki... just discovered (even though I've been using this thing for over a decade) the "switch editor/preview" button in Wikipad... whoa!!!