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Omnipotent Mike

om·nip·o·tent /ˌämˈnipəd(ə)nt/ - Having the potential to create anything.

Mike / ˈmīk / - a programmer with ideas to reify

This is an experiment. It's imperfect, as I'm using tools not designed for this purpose... as with most of my creative endeavors. ;-)

The gist of this experiment is to create things, instead of being a consumer. I'm a programmer, this means I have the skills required to build any piece of software I want, so why not do so?

Introduction - Wherein I tell you, in a very round about stream of thought way why I'm doing this.
Here are some of the ideas I want to reify
* BitGrid - A decades old idea that I strongly believe could still revolutionize computing.
* ReversableCompiler - Where you can refactor code inside the compiler and get new source back out.
* RichSource - Wherein you can add markup and other media (sound, video, photos, etc) directly in line with your code. The documentation is the source, etc.